Valentines Day - Bollywood Compilation  Valentines Day - Bollywood Compilation
Unchained Melodies Encore - Instrumental  Unchained Melodies Encore - Instrumental
Udit Narayan - Love Duets  Udit Narayan - Love Duets
Tulsi Kumar -Compilation  Tulsi Kumar -Compilation
Tu Mohabbat Hai - Valentine Special  Tu Mohabbat Hai - Valentine Special
Sufi Love  Sufi Love
SRK His Journey For Love  SRK His Journey For Love
Sound Of Love - Instrumental  Sound Of Love - Instrumental
Saif Ali Khan - Hits  Saif Ali Khan - Hits
Mohit Chauhan Best of Me - Collection  Mohit Chauhan Best of Me - Collection
K.K - The Best of Me  K.K - The Best of Me
Emraan Hashmi The Hit Machine - Collection  Emraan Hashmi The Hit Machine - Collection
Dance Masti Collection  Dance Masti Collection
Arijit Singh -Compilation  Arijit Singh -Compilation